Jul 26 Farewell Party for Internship Students  
Jun 14 Talk by Norman Meuschke (University of Konstanz, Germany) Title: Analyzing Nontextual Content Features to Detect Academic Plagiarism
Mar 30 Welcome Party for New Commers  
Mar 29 Hanami at Kita-no-Maru Park  


Mar 24 Talk by Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton) Title: Anaphora resolution: to what extent does it help NLP applications?
Jun 08 Talk by Gustav Eje HENTER (NII) Title: Wagging speech by the tail: The case for robust data generation


Jul 28 Talk by Melissa Djuimo (Yseop) Title: Object Oriented Framework for Explainable Expert Systems
Jun 16 Talk by Alvin Grissom II (University of Colorado Boulder) Title: Verb Prediction and Other Strategies for SOV-SVO Simultaneous Machine Translation


Oct 22 Talk by Xu Sun (Peking University) Title: Recent Advance in Structured Prediction and Structured NLP
Apr 30 Talk by Hiroyuki Shindo (NAIST) Title: Concept Dependency for Syntactic and Semantic Annotations of Natural Language Texts
Apr 28 Talk by Kevin Duh (NAIST) Title: Incorporating Compositional and Relational Semantics into Word Representation Learning
Apr 16 Talk by Sebastian Riedel (University College London) Title: Embedding Probabilistic Logic for Machine Reading
Mar 5 Talk by Jan Šnajder (University of Zagreb) Title: DErivBase: Derivational Morphology meets Distributional Semantics


Oct 9 Talk by Hang Li (Noah’s Ark Lab, Huawei Technologies) Title: Semantic Matching: The Next Big Thing for Natural Language Processing?
Aug 7 Talk by Kim Jin-Dong (DBCLS) Title: PubAnnotation and LODQA
Jul 24 Talk by Jason Naradowsky (UMass Amherst) Title: Low Resource NLP via Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
Jul 10 Talk by Sebastian Riedel (University College London) Title: Injecting Logic into Low-Dimensional Embeddings
Jan 22 Talk by Slav Petrov (Google) Title: Large-Scale Language Learning
Jan 16 Talk by Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne) Title: What are Distributional/Compositional Semantic Models, and What do They Really Learn?


Nov 21 Talk by Makoto Miwa (University of Manchester) Title: Relation Extraction via Structured Prediction with Global Features
Apr 18 Talk by Kim Jin-Dong (DBCLS) Title: LODQA – a natural language query processing system for SPARQL generation
Apr 15 Talk by Chikara Hashimoto (NICT) Title: Minimally Supervised Method for Multilingual Paraphrase Extraction from Definition Sentences on the Web
Jan 8 Talk by Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne) Title: Social Media: Friend or Foe of Natural Language Processing?


Dec 21 Talk by Nigel Collier (NII) Title: Mining phenotype candidates from the scientific literature with diverse resources
Nov 20 Talk by Richard Socher (Stanford University) Title: Recursive Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
Aug 2 Talk by Simone Teufel (University of Cambridge) Title: NLP for citation network processing
Apr 18 Talk by De Saeger Stijn (NICT) Title: Knowledge acquisition research behind NICT’s spoken question answering system Ikkyu