Tokyo University Miyao Group

Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics

We aim the goal of making computers understand natural languages (or, ordinary words people use in daily lives). People communicate without much thinking about the process of choosing words. To make computers do the same, however, we have to know clearly how natural languages work. That is to say, our research is to unfold the mechanism of natural language, that will eventually lead to the understanding of the world. We study step by step how people use words and go on living as people learn the movements of the universe and works of life.

Specifically, we perform research on fundamental theories of natural language and parser technologies such as semantic and syntactic parsing, as well as their several applications: in grounding images and non-verbal data into language, text data analysis over highly specialized domains such as financial or academic technical papers, machine translation, question answering and dialogue systems. Please refer to our “Research” page for details.

At the Tokyo University, we welcome researchers, Master / Ph.D. students, as well as interns to work together in our research projects. Our institution has a flat structure allowing research projects to go beyond the scope of a specific laboratory, and researchers to work on several projects based on their own free ideas while working collaboratively with other internationally successful researchers. We provide an excellent environment for students to concentrate on their studies, offering various supporting systems as scholarships, research assistant (RA), technical staff position, etc. (please refer to the graduate studies’ page for details). We also offer internships, accept students from other graduate schools, and accept short-term joint research projects. We also have a variety or frameworks for academia-industry cooperation that allows joint research projects in collaboration with companies. If you are interested in developing a computer that can fully process natural language, or clarify the structure of natural language, please contact us.


Dept. of Information Science, Faculty of Science, the Univ, of Tokyo

Dept. of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the Univ, of Tokyo

7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN. 113-0033




Jul 26 Farewell Party for Internship Students  
Jun 14 Talk by Norman Meuschke (University of Konstanz, Germany) Title: Analyzing Nontextual Content Features to Detect Academic Plagiarism
Mar 30 Welcome Party for New Commer  
Mar 29 Hanami at Kita-no-Maru Park  

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